Eduardo Marcelo

My name is Eduardo Marcelo. I have recently discovered that I have a love and passion for two things: photography and salsa dancing.

I have been living in Ypsilanti, MI for around 14 years. Although photography has not always been my main focus, it is something I have constantly thought about pursuing. In 2018 my, at the time, wife and I purchased our first camera to assist with her business. When her business fell through, that camera sat in the closet for two years. When my wife and I decided to part ways, I found that camera in the back of my closet.

Upon bringing the camera out of the closet and into the world I re-ignited a spark within myself that I had forgotten existed. I began taking my camera with me to every family event or any gathering of people. Something clicked and I knew I had to spend time learning more and begin studying the art of photography. From there my business began to take off.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your story to make sure I take the most amazing portraits of you and your family.